Our story starts with you

GRIT is a recruitment solutions firm specialising in representing and sourcing the best talent in Digital, Technology and Transformation for high quality roles with the best companies in Asia.

GRIT is committed to bring greater value to organisations looking to hire and talent open to career opportunities, through innovation and technology.

Our values

Be honest
Even if it’s uncomfortable.

Be passionate
Work hard, work together, laugh together, cry together, have fun!

Do what you say
Always follow through.

Make a difference
That’s not just dollars and cents.

Be humble
You are never the biggest person in the room.

Have grit
Be determined, tenacious and never give up.

Our Team

Paul Endacott
Founder & CEO

Blue sky thinker. Optimist. Vinyl Collector. Aspiring whisky connoisseur.

Since 2002 I have worked in the fields of Recruitment and Executive Search starting in Hong Kong, then in the UK, before moving to Singapore in 2008 and leading and scaling a firm across the Asia region.

I am passionate about this industry, the people and the work that we do. At the same time, I believe that there is more value we can and should be bringing to our communities.

I launched GRIT with the aim to be a firm that truly brings value, that puts talent first and is a true partner to the organisations we work with. GRIT is focused on how we can partner with these companies and also utilise technology to improve and advance the industry as we know it.

Oonagh Grace
Commercial Director

Optimistic realist. Movie maven. Wine buff. Relentless runner.

Priyanka Singh
Head of Research

Optimist. Movie buff. Cupcake connoisseur. Amateur cook. Embroidery pro.

Mark Lee
Head of Product

Wannabe designer. Data junkie. Product hunter. Builder. Bootstrapper. Amphibious beach bum.

Kristen Lim
Reg. Account Manager

Water sports enthusiast. Philosophical. Optimist. Realist.

Lenneke Dijkhuis
Commercial Director

Curious cat. Loving mum of 3. French chansons. Don’t wish for it, work for it.

Jessica Kaur
Operations Manager

Systematic. Committed. Fashion freak. Dance lover. Wine buff. Salad lover.

Jenifer Nithya
Ops + Admin Executive

Music lover. Traveler. Beach bum. Football fan. Intuitive thinker. Passionate being.

James Soo

Strive for excellence and not perfection!

Meera Merican

Ambitious. Adventurous. Committed. Enthusiastic. Fashionista. Omnivert. Self disciplined.

Jackie Panopio
Assc. Director of Software Eng.

Passionate. Optimist. Resilient. Frustrated singer. Boxing enthusiast.

Alex King
Assc. Director for Strategic Partnerships

Technically curious. Realistic optimist. World wanderer. Fitness Fanatic. Lover of animals.

Teoh Seong Yee
Marketing Director

Coffee lover. Movie go-er. Chill. Beach bum. Wayfarer. Opportunist.

Adeeba Suhaibol
Admin & Support Services Executive

Bubbly. Vivacious. Adventurous. Food Lover. Makeup Passionate. Fashion Lover.

Suganyah Nagalingam
Talent Advocate

Psychology, Intuition, Honest, Bookish, – Have faith, miracles do happen, live your life to the fullest.

Nitrah Subramaniam
Talent Advocate

Creative, Ambitious Optimistic and loves cooking.
Rathitha Dewarajan
Senior Account Manager

Laugh-worthy, vibrant, Team player, timely, ambitious, Kind, positive, homebody, Ambivert, Foodie and nature lover