September 8, 2021

Complete Guide To Google Ads Certification: The Types And How It Works

In today's world, digital transformation is everywhere, and we can see evidence of it in our daily lives. In order to be able to provide these different strategies for successful business growth, marketing standards are necessary. Google provides a certification for those seeking a career that will be benefitted by this type of knowledge and skill.

What Are Google Ads Certifications?

Google Ads Certification is a certificate that Google offers to those who want to be recognised for their expertise in the Google Ads platform. 

Skillshop, an online training and certification program offered by Google, is the best place to find a course on Google Ads. There are courses and study materials available, depending on the type of certification you need or prefer to take. A certification from Google is worth it, because they offer updated information on what types of ads work best, and Google offers six different options for certification as below: 

1) Google Ads Search Certification

Demonstrate the ability to successfully optimise Search campaigns. Candidates who complete the certification process will be able to leverage a variety of automated tools, like Smart Bidding and Audience Solutions, to boost campaign performance.

2) Google Ads Display Certification

Validate your expertise in protecting and growing advertising investments using Google Display. Tailor strategies to focus on specific marketing goals that make the most of your display ads investments.

3) Google Ads Video Certification

Demonstrate your understanding of how to tell effective stories on YouTube to reach potential customers and drive more demand at scale.

4) Shopping Ads Certification

Enhance your knowledge of integrating, optimising, and configuring Shopping ads to improve performance. This certification will also verify you know how to create and optimise Shopping campaigns that maximise reach and conversions.

5) Google Ads Apps Certification

This Certification demonstrates your mastery of Google Ads planning and advanced optimisation. Certified users will show they understand the fundamentals of campaign creation and more complex strategies for delivering business impact.

6) Google Ads Measurement Certification

This Certification is a certification that can be earned by demonstrating your understanding of using Google’s measurement solutions to measure and track the performance of digital ads.
(*does not count toward the Google Partner badge)

How Does A Google Ads Certificate Create Value For Your Career?

Google Ads certification is suitable for those who want to work in a business that sells products or services online. These are the people responsible for managing advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as Google Adwords. This includes everything from writing ads with compelling messages, making adjustments when needed according to specific data (such as how many people clicked on the ad), and following up with customers after they have made a purchase.

By getting certified, you can demonstrate your expertise to current and prospective employers with a personalised certificate. You can also use Google AdWords certification to help your company become a Google Partner or Premier Partner in the Google Partners program. Jobs that can utilise Google Ads are:

  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Director 
  • Account Executive in Digital Agency
  • Performance Marketing Executive

The Difference Between A Google Ads Certification And The Google Partner Badge

  1. Individuals can earn Google Ads certifications. Certified professionals get their own personalised certificate from Google, which provides proof of achievement.
  2. Companies can register themselves as a Google Partner by becoming a member of the Google Partners program. The company must meet specific qualifications in order to be considered for membership, and upon successful eligibility may use the designation "Google Partner" on their marketing materials. A company does not automatically become a Google partner simply by joining the program. 

Here are some of the criteria for agencies to be a Google Partner.

  • Must have one (for Google Partner) or two (for Google Partner Premier) certified AdWords professionals in the agency.
  • Must have a 90-day spend of USD10,000 for all managed accounts and a higher spend for Premier.
  • Meet performance requirements in terms of customer base growth and AdWords revenue.

Here's How The Assessment Works

All of the exams are free to take and you're given 75 minutes to answer all the questions. In order to be certified, you'll need to get at least 80% of the questions correct. Each certification is valid for 12 months once you've passed. Each exams are of different length, ranking from 46 questions to 50 questions:

  • Search = 50 questions
  • Display = 49 questions
  • Video = 50 questions
  • Shopping ads = 46 questions
  • Measurement = 50 questions
  • Apps = 49 questions

How To Study For The Google Ads Exams

Learning resources for the exams are provided inside Google’s Skillshop learning platform.

Each of the certifications has study resources. 

How To Take The Google Ads Exams

You'll need to head to the Google Skillship to take the exams. Once you're insde Google Skillshop, look at the 'Explore Skillshop' section and select 'Google Ads'; once you're in, select 'Google Ads Certifications` and you'll be able to see all the Google Ads Certifications offered.  Once you’ve selected one of the certifications, look for the ‘Assessment’ option to take the exam.

How You Can Stay Certified

Certificates are valid for one year since passing the exam. To stay certified, you must have at least two exams (one fundamental and one advanced) at any given time. Your certificates and their corresponding validity can be viewed on My Profile Page of your Google Partners account. 

Get Yourself Google Ads Certified!

Google Ads are a particularly important part of marketing today, and anyone who wants to work in the online advertising area should get certified. Getting certified will give you an edge over your competitors when it comes to salary or job offers, and the certification is also worth it because Google Adwords changes often. So, if you're not up-to-date, you're likely to make mistakes in your campaigns. You should get certified in Google Ads if you're serious about a career in online marketing and want your employer to know that you’re up-to-date with the latest changes.

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