December 2, 2021

A Gap In The Skill Sets Of Tech Professionals? How E-Learning Can Change That!

To learn something new or to advance an already existing skill has never been as easy as it has been in the last few years. E-learning has taken the world by storm and has become the preferred method of learning regardless of age. 

There is no doubt that the rise in popularity of e-learning is due to convenience, simplicity, being budget-friendly, and a fun way to learn. There's so much control given to the student, in terms of the topic, type of lessons and resources, schedule and pace of learning. These are also contributing factors to keeping learners highly motivated, with the bonus of it being time flexible. 

Why Should Professionals Consider e-Learning? 

To stay at the top of their game, and be able to participate in every opportunity possible, professionals need to keep their skills set sharp to compete and stay desirable in the talent pool. 

E-learning works just as well for professionals as it does for anyone else. The fact that it is convenient means that any online learning course can be made to fit into the busy schedules of the most desirable professional. The simplicity aspect of it is in regards to the quick and almost intuitive way to learn that won’t frustrate even those that are inexperienced with e-learning. 

The content and resources are readily available at a budget-friendly price. Professionals at any point in their careers will be able to join an e-learning platform or online course because of this financial accessibility. The fact that e-learning can be fun and just as interactive is a bonus that will help professionals navigate resources to gain new skills. 

All of these benefits to e-learning also make it easier for employers that want to help their team to level up their skills for the betterment of the company. Instead of dealing with the difficulty of managing training schedules, employers can opt to get their employees memberships to e-learning platforms or access certain courses. 

Both professionals and their employers only stand to grow and go further with e-learning. 

Why Do Tech Professionals Need To Stay Up-To-Date?

Staying relevant is key in an industry that is continuously developing. Tech professionals need to ensure that they stay desirable in the market by keeping their skill set up-to-date on the newest, most preferable and beneficial skills. These skills and the ability to keep learning will help build credibility and value throughout their career.

It’s no secret that keeping skills up-to-date can be challenging to do, especially when you’re a tech professional. It is almost impossible for a single working tech professional to keep up with the fast-moving changes that happen in the international tech world. 

There is an obvious gap in the pace that tech is moving and the number of skilled workers that can fill those positions. Trying to learn everything might not be the best way to land those roles. The best course of action is to narrow down, pick an area of tech expertise that is of interest to you, and develop skills to that accordingly. There is less pressure placed on tech talent this way but still spotlights them as desirable for their skills in their tech field of expertise.

GRIT Community And GRIT Smarts 

There’s nowhere else that understands the importance of e-learning, industry news and peer discussions to a tech career like the career developing platform GRIT Community. Created to provide a safe space for professionals to converse with peers and develop deeper insights into the on-going  issues that the tech industry-related faces. It is free to join and supports tech and digital professionals with an array of career developing resources.

The GRIT Community membership offers free skills gap analysis to help professionals pinpoint what skills are needed to advance their careers further in the direction they want. It’s an essential tool that can provide professionals in tech with a better understanding of what skills are required in order to move up the career ladder. Members also receive a detailed and personalised report with the specific steps to developing those skills. 

By far the most beneficial tool and resource offered by the GRIT Community is GRIT Smarts. Members of the GRIT Community can also opt for a 2-week free trial. This is an e-learning platform that houses over +100,000 industry-focused online courses and resources for only $6.00USD/month (1-year minimum), one of the most affordable e-learning platforms available right now.

Choose as many from over 20 content pillars of topics that are tailored to your learning interests. This way you can find what’s relevant to you from the thousands of courses and resources available. 

Gain a head start before everyone else with insights into the digital transformation for tech leaders or business strategy for the post-pandemic economy. Dive deep into everything content marketing and SEO with CreativeLive or learn to code python with the Microsoft team. 

Notable Content Creators & Resources For Tech Professionals

  • Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (Exam AZ-500) by Intellezy Learning
  • Microsoft Excel 365 Series by Mi Crow
  • Digital Transformation by Enspark
  • Android App Development Series by Stone River eLearning 
  • Adobe Series by CreativeLive

To make things even easier, courses are bundled up into specific areas of skill development, such as business development and innovation, software engineering and finance to name a few. In each area of skill development, the courses navigate you from the basics to the expert and industry level skills. Difficulty levels for all courses will vary, so it’s best to work your way up with a specific content creator that speaks to your learning style. 

You also earn rewards as you complete each area of skill development in any topic and gain confidence in your newly developed skills. These rewards come in terms of badges to mark your progress along your e-learning journey. 

Tech professionals of all levels now have the opportunity to fill in their skill set with simple-to-navigate and convenient e-learning courses. Career advancement has never been easier!

At GRIT, we believe people look for opportunities instead of jobs in this new era of work. We focus on in-demand Digital and Technology roles, where we intelligently match outstanding talent to some of the most groundbreaking companies in the industry. Find us doing what we do best globally at our offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Germany.
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