April 28, 2022

How To Start A Career In Web3, And Establish Your Own Value!

Heads up, folks: Web3 is not going to happen in 20 years, it’s already in process! Markets are evolving at a more rapid pace than before, which means that Web3 will be upon us sooner than you think. But for those of you who are still asking what this term means, let’s do a quick run-through, courtesy of information taken from our latest webinar, ‘Tech Talk With George Wong: Start A Career In Web3’.

In the first stages of the internet (also known as Web 1.0), communication was very much a one-way street. People could only use the ‘Search’ bar to get information, or send and receive emails, thus labelling it the “read only” era. Next up, was Web 2.0, where it evolved into the two-way communication that we all know today. It not only allowed us to search for information, but to interact with one another, and with content creators too. The thing about this version though, is that all our data (yes even the sensitive ones) are stored and controlled by mega corporations.

Enter the new evolution that many are now wondering about: Web 3.0! Compared to its predecessors, this version isn’t controlled by only a handful of people; it’s controlled by all the users (think of it like a democracy) simultaneously. As such, this version has two main advantages: No intermediaries, and decentralisation.

The former means that Web3 cuts out all forms of middlemen to allow for cheaper and faster options, allowing users to access anything and anywhere directly – slowly replacing all the companies which have traditionally relied on go-betweens. For example, if you remove Netflix, which provides paid digital streaming services, then you’d be able to freely watch movies and TV series to your heart’s content.

As for the latter, the aim is for the online ecosystem to be consolidated into a single platform based on blockchain technology, thus allowing for its users to have complete control over their own data – without the interference from mega corporations. It’ll be much easier for users to just plug into the network, provide any form of value, and then plug right back out.

Read more about Web3 here!

George then went on to touch on the ‘metaverse’, which is defined as a “digital reality that combines aspects of social media, online gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality, and cryptocurrencies to allow users to interact virtually”, according to Investopedia.

He is of the opinion that the types of jobs now readily available and highly in demand in the market are rapidly evolving. For example, 20 years ago, the idea of playing online games for a living would never have been viable; however, we’re now able to see online gamers who have actual production teams dedicated to setting up livestreaming sessions for them, and they’re able to earn massive amounts of money. As such, the perception of society is now shifting towards these more unconventional careers.

He then went on to advise participants on how to get a job and establish their own value in Web3, “You don’t need to change what it is that you do or are good at; you just need to upskill and upgrade yourself to make the transition. Be open-minded and find ways to showcase your skills, especially if you know what Web3, metaverse, and cryptocurrency are.”

“For example, if you’re good at marketing, then the best thing you can do is to learn how to market effectively in that space, by getting involved in the communities as well as learning the lingo and keywords, which are very important and often overlooked!”

Some of the high-demand jobs in Web3 are: Developers, marketers (much-needed but requires those who are well-versed in the Web3 and metaverse spaces), as well as social media management (specific ones like Discord).

To all those reading this: The best time to enter Web3 is NOW, when everything is slowly growing and developing. This is because people are more open and willing to accept newcomers, as there's a massive shortage of people well-versed inside, so you’d be able to have a relatively easy entry and make your mark. You can watch the entire webinar below:

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