May 30, 2022

Here Are The 10 Types Of Colleagues You Might End Up Working With!

Have you been keeping track of the number of hours you've spent at work? According to Gettysburg College, the average person will work for 90,000 hours in their lifetime. That's the equivalent of being trapped with an organisation and colleagues for a little over ten years of your life!

With such long hours, it's reasonable to assume that you spend more time with coworkers than with family or friends on workdays. How does that make you feel? Do you get along with everyone at work? It's understandable if you face a little rough patch here and there, because there are so many different types of people you'll encounter.

It's no surprise that colleagues can affect you, just as work can have an effect on your overall health. According to these findings, more than 65% of employees find it difficult to concentrate due to their work environment, and 58% have left or would consider leaving a job due to negative office politics.

Although not all jobs are created equal, job-related stress is fairly common. Many of these factors are related to work-life balance, difficult communication with co-workers, and poor relationships with management or leadership.

This demonstrates that you'll be dealing with a wide range of people at your workplace. Not all, of course, are negative. Some people make excellent employees and can make work more fun and productive!

So, Let's Take A Look At The Top Ten Types Of Colleagues At Work

1) The Nice One

This person seems to easily gets along with everyone in the office without having to try too hard. Work colleagues simply know that they're nice people. Always positive, polite, and avoid gossiping. You won't hear much from the nice one because he/she only speaks when necessary to make everyone feel at ease, and may even go out of their way to assist those in need.

2) The Complainer

Nothing seems to float this person's boat. Whatever happened at work, whether good or bad, there's always something negative to say about it. For example, if it's a quiet day, the complainer will rant about how the company isn't productive or profitable. Then, on hectic days, it's a different story, with the company attempting to burn out employees with all of the workload. Nothing seems to be enough, and there's always an air of dissatisfaction about them.

3) The Ancient

They say that "old is gold." In most cases, that's correct. It can be beneficial to have senior colleagues at work because you can learn from their vast experience and know-how to improve. However, if they become so old-school and grumpy, there might just be a problem popping up in the working culture, especially if there are other employees who are considerably younger. Or perhaps you'll hear about how he/she did their job 10, 20, or even 30 years ago – over and over and over again!

4) The Gossiper

This can be found in any office in any industry. You're bound to come across (or perhaps you might've even participated with!) the gossiper(s). Somehow, it appears that this person is the first to know about everything that occurs, not only in the office but also in the personal lives of their colleagues and bosses. Worse, you're not sure if what they say is true or not, and you know your name is part of their list too!

5) The Know-It-All

This person will always have something to say, object to, correct, or argue about – regardless of whether he/she is in a discussion, meeting, or just having a plain ol' watercooler talk with colleagues. This know-it-all frequently believes that they own the world, and are always correct. Woe betide whoever dares to oppose them!

6) The “MIA”

You know this person works with you (there was a company-wide email announcing their arrival)... but when is he/she ever in the office? The MIA (missing in action) is never at the desk when you walk by, and never responds to meeting invitations. So, what exactly do they do at work? Maybe a secret agent? Only they know the answer. Oh, this person may be the type who's taking medical leave quite often as well.

7) The Hot Stuff

Every time this person walks by, everyone's attention is drawn to them. The "fashionista at work" is another term for someone who's hot stuff. They would always dress up and never show up to work looking like they had just gotten out of bed (as some of the not-so-hot ones may be wont to do!) And yes, they're well-known for being one of the best looking employees, probably winning "Best Dressed" at every single annual dinner.

8) The Office Clown

All this person seems to do on a daily basis is make everyone in their vicinity laugh, or make jokes at the expense of everyone else in the office. It's difficult to tell when they're serious. It can turn out to be a good thing because it makes the workplace more enjoyable to work in. The disadvantage is that it may irritate other colleagues, especially those who are the brunt of the jokes, and lead to an argument.

9) The Bootlicker

Also referred to as the boss' pet and the "yes person". Whatever they do or say at work is primarily to please the bosses and stay on their good sides. They're the ones who you will see being favoured to do coveted work, attend exclusive events, as well as may even be allowed to enter the office later and/or leave earlier than their peers. One of the worst things that the person could be doing is sabotaging other co-workers to get ahead, and lying to get what they want.

10) The Drama Queen/King

The kind of colleague who believes that the office, the other coworkers, and even the world, revolves around them. They simply want to be the centre of attention, and they're usually those who are always loud, controlling, and of course, full of "drama"! Simply being in their presence can sap your time and energy at work.

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Of course, there are many more types where that came from. Some people may even combine two, three, or more of the types above! It would be ideal to get along with everyone at the office, but that isn't always the case. You're bound to meet some co-workers who, no matter how hard you try, you just can't stand.

5 Steps You Can Try If You Are Faced With Annoying Colleagues

If you feel that some colleagues are getting on your nerves, please don’t resort to violence. Here’s what you can do instead:

  • Be frank and direct: It's possible that your co-workers are being unpleasant or annoying unintentionally, because they're unaware of how their actions influence others. No one has had the confidence to confront them about their obnoxious behaviour. You might try politely approaching them to make them aware, but this would require all of your confidence and assertiveness. Still, if you can, do it because you have a right to a pleasant workplace.
  • Avoid spreading gossip: Annoying colleagues can make you feel frustrated, and as if you're being pursued by a dark cloud. While it may be tempting to spread rumours about your irritating co-workers, keep in mind that rumours will always come back to bite you. Plus, if you do it very often, others may think YOU'RE the annoying one. You don't want to be known as "The Gossiper" or "The Complainer," do you?" If you have any concerns, you should discuss them with your immediate supervisor or manager.
  • Don’t sweat it too much: Sometimes you just have to accept that your coworkers are annoying by nature, and that there's really nothing much you can do about it. So, rather than focusing on being angry, try to be more forgiving. Take into account all of the good things they've done at work (if any). Take a deep breath and practice being mindful if you feel your blood starting to boil. It will help you keep your cool, and avoid emotional outbursts.
  • Be the better person: This may be difficult, but there are times when you simply must "kill them with kindness." Be extremely polite to the person no matter what they do or say. You are only exacerbating the situation if you take part. Furthermore, you may get into an argument with the person, which will land you in hot water with your boss. If the conflict between coworkers is not serious, there's no need to involve the boss!
  • Make sure you're not the problem: Everyone, including yourself, has pet peeves. You may, however, overdo it at times. Examine the situation to determine whether what the other person is doing truly deserves your rage. You might realise that it's not such a big deal after all, and you should figure out how to work around it, instead of becoming part of the problem. You have to learn how to take a deep breath and relax from time to time.

Take It Easy And Don’t Be Too Harsh On Others

Rather than putting yourself in a bad mood and sending negative vibes to those around you, simply learn to accept your colleagues as they are. No one is perfect at work, and what matters is that everyone can get along. If not, then talk about how to resolve the problems that are arising among colleagues. Even better would be if everyone can work together to make the workplace a fun place to be. Otherwise, make sure you protect your inner peace and mental well-being, and keep a respectable distance from those who wish to disrupt the office harmony!

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