October 25, 2022

The Definitive Guide: How To Hire Software Engineers

The demand for skilled software engineers in every industry and sector is currently experiencing a rapid rise, as they’re required to power the world’s softwares and most promising innovations. Many companies are turning to the global market in order to fill urgent roles, which is now made easier thanks to the easy access to remote hiring that play a crucial part in successfully sourcing and onboarding some of the best individuals possible. Now, are you thinking of doing the same, but are unsure how to start?

With our comprehensive guide, we're not only going to walk you through the basics of who a software engineer is, we're also going to be equipping you with valuable knowledge on their core job responsibilities, key terminology/jargons, crowd-favourite programming languages, as well as experience and education, among others. We'll even provide you with sample job descriptions, approximate salary ranges, and popular platforms to source some of the top talent (you can thank us later). You'll be able to better understand and familiarise yourself with all things software engineer-related, to the point where you can expertly and effortlessly screen through candidates to select the right fit!

Pro tip: Another method you can consider would be to develop and improve your company's DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) programme. By focusing on a more diverse talent pool, your company would find that it's better equipped to manage the severe software engineer shortage.

“A well-functioning team of adequate people will complete a project almost regardless of the process or technology they are asked to use (although the process and technology may help or hinder them along the way.)”

Alistair Cockburn
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