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GRIT is 100% free. You will never have to pay when you are looking for a job or when you have found one. Our goal is to help you find the career you want.

Our doors are wide open. There are no obligations when using GRIT. You are in full control of your profile and you decide if you want to accept interview requests from companies.

No, GRIT operates on a talent-first basis and works in the opposite way to job boards where companies apply to you! Just set up your profile, we’ll make it anonymous and companies will message you directly with jobs. You then decide if you’re interested and want to share your full profile with them.

No, GRIT’s algorithm means your profile won’t come up if your current employer was searching the platform for talent. What’s more is that your name and companies are fully anonymised and you control which companies get to see your full profile

No, once you accept an engagement request from a company regarding a role and it moves to interviews you will have a GRIT talent partner who will be with you every step of the way. We’ll schedule the interviews, prepare you for them and help negotiate the best possible offer.


Access to the platform is free, you only pay if you make a hire through the platform, and that is invoiced on the successful candidates start date.

Hires made through the GRIT platform are charged at just 8% of the successful candidates first year annual remuneration! Contact us for full details.

No, once you start interviewing a candidate you will have a GRIT talent partner who will work with you to schedule all interviews, take feedback and manage the offer and onboarding process.