On-demand flat-fee recruiting.

All your hiring needs for a monthly fee.

What is RaaS?

We offer high growth companies an innovative solution where they can have highly trained GRIT consultants as an extension of their own team to help them identify the best talent in the market and onboard them in the shortest possible timeframes. All underpinned by GRIT’s proprietary technology platform.

How it works

There are no individual fees per role hired, but a simple flat monthly fee that can be turned off or on based on demand. This gives organisations clarity on budget, a committed and highly skilled team that will embed itself into its culture, and high quality delivery at a significantly lower cost than traditional recruitment fees.

The monthly fee will be tailored specifically to the project the organisation is undertaking and will include a specific account team made up of Consultants and Researchers and all job related advertising.

Every project is set up on the GRIT Platform for real time monitoring of the project and data insights.

All projects cover end to end talent acquisition from sourcing through to onboarding of successful talent as well as administrative tasks such as drafting job descriptions and adverts, implementing a structured interview framework and professional feedback loops.

Additional services include:

  • Articulation of Employer Brand
  • Workshops on best process interviews and feedback
  • Implementation of Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Full market maps for talent pipelining or succession planning
  • Market entry and competitor research and analysis

Want access to curated and readily available talent?

Our talent-first platform provides candidate expectations upfront in terms of salary, notice period and more, meaning you don’t waste time on engaging candidates who are not right for the position. Find an exact match for the role you are looking to hire.