As predictions emerge for the economy to recover and grow in the next few years to come, the pandemic and new norms have forced Hong Kong's shift into digital transformation faster than before.
Rapidly changing times plus an ever-shifting business landscape due to the pandemic and subsequent restrictions mean that companies now have a need to adapt more quickly to the latest market developments.

On one hand, business leaders are already navigating their return to growth in 2022, with Hong Kong on the path for further digital transformation thanks to its status as one of the top regional hubs for technology. On the other hand, there are increasing concerns about shortages in skilled talent, with companies in a heated race to attract and hire the best talent.

With that said, as the IT and Finance sectors both saw strong performance in 2022 that buoyed the job market, it's safe to say that local and international talent in these spaces would thus benefit from the uptick in demand and enjoy better remuneration.

In addition to a guide to salary ranges for some of the most popular roles in the tech and digital industries, our new GRIT Salary Report delves into recruitment trends, local business and labour market insights that will influence the livelihoods of both job seekers and hiring managers, so that they will be able to keep abreast and make more informed decisions.

Salary figures that you find within are derived from the knowledge of senior recruitment professionals within the GRIT teams, as well as the latest data from multiple job databases.

Here are just a few of the highlights from this year’s Report:

  • Strong performance of the IT and Finance industries that largely supported the job market, which then led to an increase in job postings.
  • Three-year record high in the pay rises received (an average of +3.2%) by over half of the full-time workforce in 2022.
  • Increased intent to invest in digital capabilities or spend on information technology, thereby driving the demand for talent with digital and/or technology skills
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