November 19, 2022

Complete List Of Tech And Digital Hire Job Descriptions

Being part of the Human Resources (HR) team, you would be faced with a myriad of day-to-day tasks like coming up with compensation and benefits packages, assessing the unique training needs of each and every employee, as well as measuring employee retention and turnover rates, to name just a few. If that weren't all, you would also be required to craft a number of professional emails and/or letters to address a variety of scenarios. Now, imagine if on top of all that, you were asked to come up with suitable job descriptions for a few new positions that have opened up at your company. Don't worry, because this comprehensive list has you covered for all the more popular tech and digital roles!

Software Engineering

Software engineers are computer science professionals who, in the simplest terms, focus on code. Apart from having to build your own systems, a software engineer would also need to test, improve, and maintain software built by other engineers. By taking the first steps into software engineering, you can then progress as a front-end engineer, back-end engineer, full-stack engineer, software tester, mobile app developer, data engineer, security engineer, and many more! Here are job description templates for some of the more popular career paths:

1) Front-End Developer: Front-end developer template

2) Back-End Developer: Back-end developer template

3) Mobile Developer: Mobile developer template

4) Software Engineer (junior): Software engineer (junior) template

5) Software Engineer (senior): Software engineer (senior) template

6) Full Stack Developer: Full stack developer template

7) Software Tester: Software tester template

8) Application Developer: Application developer template

9) Tech Lead: Tech lead template

10) Engineering Manager: Engineering manager template

DevOps & Cloud

Just like how the aim of DevOps is for the continuous innovation and faster delivery of software from development through operations, Cloud Operations also call for continuous operations and improvement  –  but in cloud environments. These branches are so important for companies that not only want to achieve digital transformation, but are also keeping up with the increase in cloud tech, as well as the shift towards streamlined deployments and greater automation. Check out these job description templates for some of the more popular career paths:

11) DevOps Engineer: DevOps engineer template

12) DevOps Architect: DevOps architect template

13) DevOps Manager: DevOps manager template

14) Cloud Engineer: Cloud engineer template

15) Cloud Consultant: Cloud consultant template

16) Cloud Architect: Cloud architect template

Infrastructure & IT Security

As new cyber threats and technological shifts emerge, there's a more urgent need for companies to defend its infrastructure and boost capability development, such as technical capabilities to detect and analyse malicious cyber activities. As a result, the demand for cybersecurity professionals has become higher than ever. At its core, cybersecurity is all about securing and protecting sensitive data, in addition to protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. These job description templates for some of the more popular career paths are what you need:

17) Cybersecurity Analyst: Cybersecurity analyst template

18) Cybersecurity Consultant: Cybersecurity consultant template

19) Penetration & Vulnerability Tester: Penetration & vulnerability tester template

20) Cybersecurity Engineer: Cybersecurity engineer template

21) Cybersecurity Architect: Cybersecurity architect template

22) Chief Information Security Officer (CISO): Chief Information Security Officer template

23) Network Engineer: Network engineer template

24) Network Architect: Network architect template

Product Management

Talent in product management is one of the most prized (similar to the software engineering expertise), because of their expertise in strategically directing every stage of the product lifecycle. According to Atlassian’s definition, a product manager is the person who identifies the customer’s needs and the larger business objectives that a product or feature will fulfil, articulates what success looks like for a product, and then rallies a team to turn that vision into a reality. We've got just the job description templates for some of the more popular career paths:

25) Product Manager: Product manager template

26) Principal Product Manager: Principal product manager template

27) UI/UX Designer: UI/UX designer template

28) Principal Designer: Principal designer template

29) Scrum Master: Scrum master template

Data Science

With the spike in demand for data science professionals (such as data analysts) brought about by the rapidly growing number of organisations and businesses that recognise the importance of data science, this field is seeing a surge in interest from talent. It's all about using and preparing data for analysis, but no longer merely about ‘analytics and statistics’; it now encompasses decisions, predictions, and actions – companies are actively relying on data to make business decisions. Refer to these job description templates for some of the more popular career paths:

30) Data Analyst: Data analyst template

31) Data Engineer: Data engineer template

32) Data Scientist: Data scientist template

33) Principal Data Scientist: Principal data scientist template

34) Business Intelligence Analyst: Business intelligence analyst template

35) Machine Learning Engineer: Machine learning engineer template

36) AI Developer: AI developer template

37) AI Architect: AI architect template


Marketing can be viewed as the 'art' of building bridges and connecting the gaps between customers, content, data, and technology to deliver better customer experiences. This field is probably one of the most diverse areas with a myriad of career opportunities, from digital marketing and PR/communications, to social media marketing and lifecycle marketing. The choices are many, and you'd need to craft the right descriptions for the job ads. You'll need these job description templates for some of the more popular career paths:

38) Content Writer: Content writer template

39) Content Marketing: Content marketing template

40) Growth Marketing: Growth marketing template

41) PR/Communications: PR/communications template

42) Event Marketing: Event marketing template

43) Digital Marketing: Digital marketing template

44) Product Marketing: Product marketing template

45) Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing template

46) Graphic Designer: Graphic designer template

47) Lifecycle Marketing: Lifecycle marketing template

48) Trade/Consumer Marketing: Trade/consumer marketing template

49) Marketing Analyst: Marketing analyst template

50) Webmaster: Webmaster template

51) Marketing Manager: Marketing manager template

52) Head of Marketing/Marketing Director: Head of marketing/Marketing director template

Business Development

This field can be roughly broken down into Sales vs. Business Development – the former is a target-driven, revenue-generating function usually divided into hunting for new clients or farming existing accounts; the latter is on the ideas, initiatives, and activities that help make a business better that creates long-term value. A company would require both to go hand-in-hand in order to ensure continued growth and success for the business. Here are some job description templates for some of the more popular career paths:

53) Sales/Business Development: Sales/business development template

54) Head of Sales/Business Development: Head of sales/business development template

55) Managing Director: Managing director sales/business development template

Crypto, Blockchain, & Web3

Where once these fields were very niche, Web3, blockchain, and crypto have now all captured the world's attention when they set the stage for innovative business models and value relocations.


56) Chief Commercial Officer/Head of BD: Chief commercial officer/head of BD template

57) Business Development: Business development template

58) Account Management: Account management template

59) Partnerships: Partnerships template

60) Customer Success: Customer success template

61) Institutional Sales: Institutional sales template


62) Chief Marketing Officer/Head of Marketing: Chief marketing officer/head of marketing template

63) Product Marketing: Product marketing template

64) Public Relations/Communications: Public relations/communications template

65) Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing template

66) Social Media: Social media template

67) Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Customer relationship management template

68) Growth/Acquisition: Growth/acquisition template

69) Branding: Branding template

70) Marketing Analytics: Marketing analytics template

71) Performance Marketing: Performance marketing template


72) Chief Product Officer/Head of Product: Chief product officer/head of product template

73) Product Management: Product management template

74) Product Designer: Product designer template


75) Chief Technology Officer/Head of Technology: Chief technology officer/head of technology template

76) Engineering Manager/Team Lead: Engineering manager/team lead template

77) Software Engineer: Software engineer template

78) Blockchain Engineer: Blockchain engineer template

Finance, Strategic Investment, & Corporate Development

79) Chief Financial Officer/Head of Finance: Chief financial officer/head of finance template

80) Head of Finance: Head of finance template

81) Financial Controller: Financial controller template

82) Fund Finance: Fund finance template

83) Head of Corporate Strategy & Investments: Head of corporate strategy & investments template

84) Corporate Development: Corporate development template

Legal, Risk, & Compliance

85) Chief Legal Officer/Head of Legal, Risk & Compliance: Chief legal officer/head of legal, risk & compliance template

86) Legal Counsel: Legal counsel template

87) Contract Manager: Contract manager template

88) Onboarding Specialist: Onboarding specialist template

89) Compliance Manager: Compliance manager template


90) Chief Data Officer/Head of Data: Chief data officer/head of data template

91) Business Intelligence/Data Analyst: Business intelligence/data analyst template

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